Sale of land plots of the company LEK (property on pledge with Sberbank)

On 7 December, the Auction House of the Russian Federation will hold an auction on the sale of two land plots adjacent to each other in St. Petersburg, on Moskovskoe shosse d.3, near the Park of Hero Cities.

Their summary area is 9.15 hectares.

The land plots are being sold by the order of the owner – LEK corporation.

The land plots are located in zone D – a zone of multi-functional development with inclusion of residential development. According to preliminary assessments, around 80,000 sq.m. of housing may be built here. The owner has developed planning and landscaping projects of the territory.

The land plots are on pledge with Sberbank and are being sold on agreement with the bank. Encumbrances in the form of a mortgage agreement will be removed from the property within the course of 10 days after the auction.

The auction (English auction of increasing price) will be held on 7 December.

Starting price of the property – 713 million rubles.

Auction step – 2 million rubles.

Deposit for participation in the auction – 3 million rubles.

“This is the first major pledged property which will be realized under agreement with Sberbank. In February, the Auction House of the Russian Federation sold a building for 3.5 billion, property belonging to the ALPI retail chain, but these properties were already owned by the bank at the moment of sale. In summer, the successful sale was held of four small retail premises in St. Petersburg, which were also pledged on a loan issued by Sberbank – they were sold at double the starting price. And by the end of the year, we plan to hold several more auctions together with Sberbank to sell pledged property with a price of over 1.5 billion rubles”. (Konstantin Raev, deputy general director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation).