Sale of share package in Obyedinyonnye konditery

On 29 November, the Auction House of the Russian Federation will hold an auction for the sale of a share package in Obyedinyonnye konditery owned by the city of Moscow.

The sale is taking place by decision of the Property Department of Moscow.

The city’s share in one of the major confectionary holdings in Europe is being put up for sale, Obyedinyonnye konditery – 26.58% of the charter capital of the company.
Starting price – 10.75 billion rubles (total assets valued at 44.9 billion rubles).
Auction will be held at the Moscow venue of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (Khrustalny per., d. 1).

Obyedinyonnye Konditery is one of the largest holdings in Europe, uniting 18 enterprises from all over Russia, and holds 14 place in Candy Industry’s Global 100 listing.

The holding owns 15 confectionary factories in Moscow and the regions, including such famous confectionary brands as Babaevsky, RotFront and Krasny Oktyabr. Furthermore, the holding includes two companies that realize production, and a company that manufactures and repairs equipment for confectionary enterprises. Obyedinyonnye Konditery owns a control share package in the factories RotFront (80.73%) and Babaevsky (92.22%), and 20.67% of shares in Krasny Oktyabr.

“The holding Obedinyonnye Konditery is the most attractive Russian asset in the confectionary industry. It includes enterprises that have many years of experience and a stable clientele. These are companies whose brands are widely known, and whose products are in high demand among customers. The holding occupies more than 13% of the Russian confectionary market. Acquisition of and participation in this business is an excellent entry on to the Russian market for a new, primarily western investor. We also do not rule out an interest in this asset from Russian companies working in the confectionary industry” (Vladimir Zhukovsky, leading expert of the Auction House of the Russian Federation in the evaluation field, chairman of the Council of the self-regulating organization of evaluators, Society of evaluation professionals).

The auction will be held on 29 November at the address: Moscow, Khrustalny per., d.1, auction hall

For detailed information on the upcoming auction, see the site of the Auction House of the Russian Federation