Sale of 52.4 hectares of land for housing construction in the Moscow Oblast

On 29 January, the Auction House of the Russian Federation held the first major deal this year. At the auction, territory was realized for housing construction in the Moscow Oblast with an area of 52. 4 hectares.

Category of lands – lands of built-up areas.

Address: Moscow Oblast, Leninsky region, Filimonkovsky rural district, Marinskaya poultry factory, near Serednevo village.

There were two bidders for the object.
The winner bought the lot for 1,418,709,000 rubles, exceeding the starting price by 709,000 rubles.
Additionally, a commercial real-estate premises was sold in St. Petersburg, on Liteiny Prospekt. d. 7, lit. A.

Area – 103.4 sq.m.
There were 4 bidders for the lot
Selling price – 14,900,000 rubles (exceeding the starting price by 900,000 rubles)

The former premises of a branch of Sberbank of Russia were sold by agreement with the owner, Sberbank of Russia.

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