A mansion was sold at 121 Sadovaya Street

The sale of the mansion at 121A Sadovaya Street, organized on behalf of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), has been completed.
The 3-storey office building, known as Shcheglov's mansion, was sold as part of the liquidation of the commercial bank "Financial Capital". Previously, the office of this bank was located in the building.

The area of the building is 764 sq. m.
The area of the land plot is 373 sq. m.
Address: 121A Sadovaya St., St. Petersburg.

The sale price was 60.9 million rub (at a minimum price of  47.3 million rub).
The auction was held on the ETP RAD electronic trading platform.
The buyer was an individual.
According to open source data, the object was purchased in the interests of the owner of the department store "Pravoberezhny".

The mansion was built in 1831 according to the project of architect D.I. Kvadri. Later the building was rebuilt several times, the final appearance acquired in 1914. It is the object of cultural heritage.

"The building has been preserved in good condition, it does not require restoration and it is a great luck that the object in a short time has found a new owner who will ensure its safety. The building is suitable for any commercial project - trade, or office space. In addition, against the backdrop of the ban on the use of residential buildings as hostels, it looks attractive to adapt the building to the hotel function. However, any variant of the further use of the building will require from the investor observance of security obligations and coordination with KGIOP", - the head of department on sale of problem property of the Russian auction house Olga Zheludkova tells.