State share package in Kurgan airport sold

Blocking share package at auction – 40.8% (567 ordinary registered shares in undocumented form) in Kurgan Airport.

3 participants were registered at the auction.

The sale price was 31 100 000 rub. (starting price - 30 600 000 rub.).
Winner of auction – Aerofusile Group (Moscow, 5/1 Viktorenko St.)

 “Today the AHR realized another state share package which the Russian Federation is selling according to a decision to leave the shareholders of companies with state participation amounting to “less than a controlling package”. The sale at open auctions ensures that the state can effectively leave low-revenue projects and transfer the assets to interested investors.
Until recently, Kurgan Airport was on the verge of bankruptcy, and now, with the transfer to a new owner, it has gained real opportunities not only to rectify its financial state, but to develop its main form of activity – broadening the coverage of flights and increasing the passenger flow,” Olga Borisovna Sokolova, the deputy general director of the AHR, commented on the auction.