Sold the Hotel Complex “Curonian Spit” on the Baltic Sea in the Kaliningrad Region

On 12 February 12 at the Lot-online electronic platform of the Auction House of the Russian Federation an auction was held for the sale of the three-star Hotel Complex “Curonian Spit”. The Qwner of the object – OJSC “Sberbank of Russia”.
Bidding took place in accordance with procedure of the Dutch auction (with cutting the price)
The starting price was 37.8 million rubles. During the auction it was gradually decreasing up to the predetermined reserve price – 28.3 million rubles, and then went up shortly. In total 4 made 44 steps to increase. As a result of the bidding the price of sales was 33.1 million rubles.
Characteristics of the Object:
Building area – 1,1 thousand sq. m.
Land plot area (rented until 2048) – 3.3 thousand sq. m.
Address: Letter A, 17, Tsentral’naya Street, Settlement Lesnoy, Zelenograd District, Kaliningrad Region.
“The hotel complex is situated on the Baltic Sea coast. 88% of the complex guests are the tourists from Russia. Besides location, another advantage is a good condition of the object” (Olga Zheludkova, Head of Department for Work with Collateral for Loan).