For sale offered the Right to place advertisement on billboards along the federal highways in Leningrad and Pskov regions

On 16 April the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) scheduled biddings on behalf of the Federal State-Owned and State-Financed Enterprise – “North-West” Federal Roads Administration.
For sale offered 22 lots for the Right to Enter into Contracts for Placement and Maintenance of Advertising Structures of 3*6 format along the federal highways of Leningrad and Pskov regions: A-114 (Vologda-Novaya Ladoga), A-180 Narva, A-121 Sortavala, A-120 Saint Petersburg Southern Semi-Ring, M-10 Russia, R-21 Kola (M-18) and R-23 Pskov.

Contracts for the period of 5 years will be concluded with winners of the auction.

The biddings will take place at the electronic platform – the ETP AHRF.
The starting prices of the lots (= cost of entering into contract) vary from 5.9 up to 77.6 thousand rubles.

“Ahead of the FIFA World Cup a demand for placement is expected. Especially it concerns the structures along federal highways, as the flow of tourists and visitors from neighboring regions will increase significantly. Taking into consideration this factor, as well as many of the billboard provided are located on the plots with a heavy traffic, an investor has a unique possibility to occupy the places with the best view”, – comments Elena Tarasova, Head of Department for Work with Corporate Clients.

The advertising structures are located in Lomonosov, Volkhov, Kingisepp, Tosno, Kirovsk, Vsevolozhsk and Tikhvin districts of Leningrad Region, as well as in Plyussa District of Pskov Region.

For detailed information about the Object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)