An office building in the centre of Moscow as a part of the M2M Private Bank dissolution

The Auction House of the Russian Federation will hold an auction on behalf of the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASV). For sale offered the real estate of the liquidated M2M Private Bank PJSC.
In all at the auction 10 lots will be presented – office building near Tretyakovskaya subway station, street retail in different districts of Moscow, including those near the Garden Ring, as well as an apartment and a residential house. All objects of property, except the residential house, are located in Moscow. Most of the lots are rented out and, in fact, this is a ready rent business.

The biddings will be held at the ETP AHRF Electronic Trading Platform through public offer during the period from 19th December, 2018 until 11th March, 2019. During this period the price will be reducing step by step in accordance with the schedule of the price reducing. Discount will reach 20-30% of the starting price.

More detailed information about the lots:
-    two-storey office building with an area of 562.5 sq. m in the centre of Moscow near Novokuznetskaya and Tretyakovskaya subway stations.
Address: 22, building 1, Sadovnitcheskaya Str.
The Object is in good condition, all necessary engineering services and utility systems are available.
The most possible way of use – for an office, health or educational centre and so on.
MINIMUM price – 109.2 million rubles.

-    the first 7 lots of the auction are commercial premises in Moscow.
The objects are located on the first floors of residential buildings in different districts of the city, near the following subway stations: Mitino, Bibirevo, Krylatskaya, Bratislavskaya, Tsvetnoy Boulevard and Sokol.
Areas of the premises vary from 51.1 up to 368.1 sq. m.
Currently a part of the lots is rented out for offices and stores.
MINIMUM prices of the lots vary from 21.7 up to 58.9 million rubles.

-    as a single lot two apartments with areas of 82.7 and 59.3 sq. m in a modern multistory house near Dubrovka subway station.
Address: 23, Krutitskaya Embankment.
The apartments are in good condition, located on 12th floor.
Currently the objects are rented out.
MINIMUM price of the Lot – 26.7 million rubles.

-    three-story residential house with an area of 463 sq. m with a plot (15.5 hundredth parts of a hectare in size) in a distance of 20 km from Moscow, not far from Khripan’ and Vyalki railway stations.
Address: 10A, Sosnovaya Str., Shmelenki Village, Ramenskiy District, Moscow Region.
The house is in good condition, all engineering services and utility systems (heating, water supply, power supply, sewerage) are available.
Currently the Object is rented out.
MINIMUM price – 14.4 million rubles.

For detailed information about the Object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)