For sale offered a property complex for the production of mixed fodder for poultry in Veliky Novgorod

On 6 October the Auction House of the Russian Federation (RAD) will carry out at the electronic platform of Sberbank-AST an auction for the sale of movable and immovable property of the bankrupt LLC “Novgorodsky mixed fodder plant”, the member of the group of companies “Rubezh” (“Frontier”).

The production site is located on a land plot with the area of 26.2 he on the outskirts of Veliky Novgorod at the exit from the side of St. Petersburg at the address:
Veliky Novgorod, Syrkovskoe highway, 4.
Starting price – 106 200 000 rubles.

Property complex, located on a land plot with an area of 26.2 he, consists of 12 non-residential buildings with a total area of 9 thousand sq. m and the equipment for the production and supply of various mixed feeds for poultry.
After completion of the modernization of the main process equipment in 2010 the production capacity of the site was increased. The plant can produce up to 66 thousand tons per year of its own mixed fodder and 67.5 thousand tons per year of purchased one. During a month is possible to produce more than 9 thousand tons of fodder.

Until 2013 the production of the mixed fodder plant was supplied to the poultry farms Pskov and Novgorod region.
Despite the fact that the current industrial activity on the site is suspended, the plant is ready to startup to carry out operating activity.