For sale offered the hotel complex “Kurshskaya Kosa” on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Kaliningrad region

For 9 October 9 the Auction House of the Russian Federation (RAD) scheduled the auction for sale of a three-star hotel with an area of 1.1 thousand sq. m with a land plot of 3.3 thousand sq. m, being in lease until 2048.
The hotel complex is located in the unique nature reserve “Kurshskaya Kosa” on the coast of the Baltic Sea at the address:
Kaliningrad region, Zelenograd district, Lesnoy township, Central str., 17, letter A.
The auction will be held in electronic form at the RAD platform – Lot-online. Owner of the object – OJSC “Sberbank of Russia”.
Starting price – 47.2 million rubles.

The hotel complex is situated on the territory of the State National Natural Park “Kurshskaya Kosa”, which is a visiting card of Kaliningrad region. Thousands of tourists come there every year to admire the unique landscape that combines sand dunes, pine forests, birch woods and field of moss.
At a distance of 150 m from the hotel is Kurshsky Bay and at a distance of 750 m is the Baltic Sea.
The territory of the complex is fully landscaped, there are driveways, sidewalks and parking.
For visitors and guests of the hotel complex there are: restaurant, bar, sauna with a swimming pool, billiards room and equipped picnic area.
The hotel complex consists of 14 rooms:
- Double rooms – 6;
- Junior Suites – 3;
- Suites – 5.
The building is in good condition and provided with all necessary engineering communications (electricity, heating, water supply, sewage).

“Kurshskaya Kosa” is a unique hotel complex. Amazing natural diversity of the area where the complex is located annually attracts hundreds of thousands of people not only from Kaliningrad region, but also from the near abroad.
Besides location, another advantage is the good condition of the object. At the moment the hotel operates, the term of the contract with the tenant expires in March 2017” (Olga Zheludkova, Head of the Department for Work with Collateral Property).