Privatization of shares in the Chelyabinsk Poultry Factory and the Nizhnevartovsk Poultry Factory

The Auction House of the Russian Federation has scheduled the auction date for property objects of the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous okrug – Yugra. The auction for the sale of 94.13% of shares in Chelyabinskaya Poultry Factory and 100% of shares in the Nizhnevartovsk Poultry Factory will be held on 1 October this year.

The privatization of share packages is carried out by the order of the Government of KHMAO-Yugra.


1) Chelyabinskaya Poultry Factory (94.13% of shares) is one of the five largest poultry enterprises in Russia, and is one of the leaders of agricultural production in the Urals region. The production of the factory has been awarded an Ecological certificate and a certificate of management quality for compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 international standard. The factory is one of the 5 largest poultry complexes in Russia.

 The company includes: the Chelyabinskaya Poultry Factory, the Yemanzhelinsk chicken farm, the Petropavlovsk grain complex and the Yemanzhelinsk grain reception center. The property complex is made up of 66,400 hectares of land (including 27,300 in ownership), 395 buildings of various functions, over 12,500 vehicles and units of equipment etc.

The main production of the Chelyabinskaya poultry factory is eggs and egg products, meat and meat products, animal feed and animals.

Starting price of lot – 1.45 billion rubles.

 2) Nizhnevartovsk Poultry Factory (100% of shares) – manufacturer of dietary chicken eggs and chicken meat.

The poultry factory consists of 28 buildings and structures, and 5 production line areas. The enterprise owns two land plots with a total area of 75 513 sq.m. and rents two with an area of 7,130 sq.m. The total area of the buildings is 13,455.9 sq.m., and the area of the structures is 1,210.72 sq.m. The objects are located in Nizhnevartovsk.

 Effectively, land plots of a total area of 8.26 hectares are being sold together with the buildings located on them. The sections are located in direct proximity to a zone of low-rise residential development (in accordance with the General plan of the city). Thus, the plots may be considered for a development project.

Starting price of lot – 35.6 million rubles.

For detailed information about the lot, see the AHR website.