The government has confirmed the list of goods, works and services which should be purchased in electronic form

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 21.06.2012 N 616 “On confirmation of the list of goods, works and services which should be purchased in electronic form”.

Purchase of computer equipment and vehicles, services for their technical maintenance, and also several other goods and services may be provided by state companies, corporations and institutions in electronic form.

The government of the Russian Federation has determined a list of good, works and services, which can be purchased (observing the established conditions) in electronic form. The list has been confirmed in accordance with the Law regulating purchases; in particular, by state companies, state corporations, subjects of natural monopolies, unitary enterprises and autonomous institutions.
The confirmed list contains names of goods, works and services, and also their codes in compliance with the All-Russian classifier of types of economic activity, products and services (OKDP) OK 004-93, and namely:

Cellulose, paper, cardboard and articles made from them (except for code 2109350);
Typesetting and printed products (apart from codes 2221020, 2221637);
Office, accounting and computer equipment;
Equipment and hardware for radio, television and communications;
Medical equipment; measuring devices; photo and film equipment, clocks (apart from codes 3311000, 3313050, 3321000, 3322010);
Vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, bodies for vehicles, parts and accessories for vehicles, garage equipment;
Means of transport not included in other groups;
Office accessories [3699110] - [3699135];
Natural water and ice;
Services for retail, technical servicing and repair of vehicles and motorcycles;
Services for technical maintenance and repair of organizational equipment for offices, computers and periphery equipment used with them;
Services for cleaning buildings;

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The text of the decree can be found here: