By selling a room in Galernaya Street the AHRF completed the project of selling a former property of the Fund of Generations of KhMAA–Yugra in Saint Petersburg

On 25th January the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) held the biddings as a part of privatization of the property of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area Yugra.
For sale was offered the room with an area of 224.4 sq. m in the center of Petersburg, in Galernaya Str., 20-22, letter A.
Earlier the Object was owned by the Fund of Generations of KhMAA–Yugra, currently it is the property of KhMAA treasury.
The sale price was 27.95 million rubles.
The buyer – SuperTechAuto Ltd.

These biddings became the last as a part of privatization of the former property of the Fund of Generations of KhMAA–Yugra in Petersburg. In 2018 the AHRF was transferred for sale 10 objects of real estate of the Yugra BC in Tallinskaya Street, offices in Galernaya and Millionnaya streets, two residential buildings on Krestovsky Island, apartments in Millionnaya Street and on Admiralteyskaya Embankment. All objects, with the exception of the apartments, were sold at classic biddings, in the hall with an auctioneer.
A total amount of sale was 769.3 million rubles.

“During the year we succeeded in completely carrying out the instruction of KhMAA–Yugra to sell the former property of the Fund of Generations. I think we succeeded in achieving good results – almost all lots were sold at the first biddings with exceed of the staring price on the average by 30%. Such result was achieved largely due to a competent pre-sale work and accurate study of every lot. This allowed to attract to the auction maximum number of interested parties (up to 9 bidders for a lot), who created competition and, as a result, provided growth of price”,tells Anzhelika Imanova, Deputy General Director of the AHRF.