According the results of the competition of the AHRF the Narva Highway is the most popular highway for placement of outdoor advertising

On 14th May the Auction House of the Russian Federation held an auction on behalf of the Uprdor North-West Federal State-Owned and State-Financed Institution (subdivision of the Rosavtodor).
For sale were offered 22 lots for the right to make contracts for installing and using of advertising structures of 3*6 format along the federal highways of Leningrad and Pskov regions: A-114 (Vologda-Novaya Ladoga), A-180 Narva, A-121 Sortavala, A-120 Saint Petersburg South Semi-Ring, M-10 Russia, R-21 Kola (M-18) and R-23 Pskov.

On the average, 5 applicants purported for every lot, for some lots a number of participants was up to 9.
During the biddings the starting price of the lots (equal to the cost of contract making) on the average grew sevenfold, for some lots the excess was up to 22 times.
The most active struggle was carried on for billboards located along A-180 Narva Highway.
A total sale price of all lots was 5.4 million rubles (a total starting price was 0.7 million rubles).

Among the winners of the biddings – advertising agencies of Petersburg, Leningrad and Pskov regions (LLC ELVIS, LLC MEDIA SERVICE, LLC RUAN, LLC RPK AIDA, LLC T-E-R).

The contracts for the period of 5 years will be made with the winners of the biddings.
The biddings took place at the Electronic Trading Platform – ETP AHRF.