Transfer of the auction on sale of an uninhabited building (giving) and the land lot from 08.08.2012 on 19.09.2012.

In accordance with the decree of the general director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation of 06.08.2012 №159-p, the date for announcing the results of the auction for the sale of a non-residential building (Dacha) and land plot located at the address: St. Petersburg, Kurortny region, Komarovo village, Morskaya ulitsa, d. 14b, lit A, scheduled for 8 August 2012 at 11:00, has been postponed to 19 September 2012 at 10:20.
Applications for participation in the auction is extended to 18 September 2012, until 17:00.
The deadline for accepting deposits that are paid by applicants for participating in the auction on to the account of the Auction House of the Russian Federation is extended until 18 September 2012.
Determination of auction participants and drawing up a document for participation are carried out on 19 September 2012 at 9:30.
Notifications and cars are issued to auction participants on 19 September 2012 from 9:50 to 10:10.
(The full text of the information report on the auction is given in the magazine “Catalog of the Auction House of the Russian Federation” of 26.06.2011 № 22(86)).