“Heineken United Breweries” announced the sale of the manufacturing facility of the distributive center “Stepan Razin Brewery”

By order of the “Heineken United Breweries” Company the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR) realized a manufacturing facility with an area of 7.4 hectares. The sum of the transaction is not publicized.

The realized Object is located at the address St Petersburg, ul. Stepana Razina, d.8a, lit.B. It consists of 5 land plots with the total area of 7.4 hectares, and also of manufacturing facilities, storage and administrative buildings that were historically used for the needs of “Stepan Razin Brewery”. In the last few years the complex was used by the “Heineken United Breweries” Company as a distributive center.   

The “Stepan Razin Development” Company acted as the buyer of the object. Some of its shareholders  are part of the “Portal” group of companies which is in charge of the commercial real estate in this part of the city to the extent of 65 000 sq.m. (the office complex “Portal”, the commerce and office complex “Obvodny Dvor” and the business center “Port”).

The buyer is planning to further use the object as a “techno park” whose clients will be able both to rent and to buy storage and office premises. One of the advantages of the territory is its closeness to an exit to the Western High-Speed Diameter Highway and the sea port, and also its location on the Obvodny Canal which will allow it to quickly process the freight traffic flow.

 “The buildings and constructions of the former brewery are in good technical condition and are suitable for operation without major investments. Also the territory is quite well supplied with utility resources and may be of interest for redevelopment project in the future”, Dmitry Albergin says, head of the AHR private owners’ property department.

As Anna Meleshina, corporate affairs director of the HEINEKEN Company, notes: “St Petersburg and the North-West Region are important markets for the company. Cost cutting will allow us to raise our competitiveness and to hold leading positions in the region and also help to increase the profitability of the business”.


The HEINEKEN Company in Russia is an operating company of the HEINEKEN N.V. international group, one of the biggest brewing businesses in the world. The Heineken® brand named after the family who founded the company is sold virtually all over the world and is the most significant international beer brand of the premium segment. 

The HEINEKEN Company has been present on the Russian market since February 2002. In Russia it owns eight breweries which produce 29 brands. Among them – apart from Heineken® - there are such well-known brands as Amstel Premium Pilsener, Guinness, Zlaty Bazant, «Tri Medvedya», «Okhota» and others. All over the world as well as in Russia the HEINEKEN Company develops and operates in accordance with the principles of corporative social responsibility. The key values of the company are respect for people and society, environmental care; joy and positive attitude towards life; striving for quality.  Since 2010 the HEINEKEN Company in Russia has been realizing the international program “Brewing a Better Future” aimed at realization of the company’s principles in the area of stable business development.

The Stepan Razin Brewery used to be located on the territory of the distributive center. It was founded in 1795 under the protection of the Empress Catherine II. In the Soviet times it was named after the free Don Cossack chieftain Stepan Razin. In 2005 it became part of the HEINEKEN international brewing company. In 2009 the factory was converted into a major distributive and logistics complex.