An auction is announced on renting out commercial rooms on Sakhalin

On 22nd of November at the Electronic Trading Platform of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (ETP AHRF) the auction will be held for renting out the commercial rooms with an area of 91.7 sq. m in Sakhalin Region.
Address: 76, Sovetskaya Str., Kholmsk City, Sakhalin Region.
Earlier a bank office was located there.
The most possible way of use – for a store, an office, a beauty salon and so on.
The starting price (equal to a monthly rental) – 39,522 rubles.
Under the terms a rent contract will be made with a winner of the auction for the period not less than five years.

For several years already the Auction House of the Russian Federation has acted as an organizer of renting out the former offices of banks throughout the country. Now Far East also joined this project. As a part of this project for sale will be offered objects practically in all entities of Far East Region: from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Magadan and Partizansk.
Characteristics of the rooms allow using them for any commercial purposes (a store, a medical room, an office, a beauty salon and others).

“The rooms are a qualitative street retail. They are located mostly in blocks of buildings with an existing residential development, near central streets. All objects are is in good condition. The proposal can be interesting for trading chains and business structures of any level”,tells Dmitry Purikov, Director of Primorskiy Branch Office.