The Auction House of the Russian Federation took part in a conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the passing of FZ №3929-1 “On insolvency (bankruptcy)” and the 10th anniversary of introducing self-regulating activity of arbitration managers

The conference was held together with the Russian Federal Tax Service and the Russian Union of Self-regulating Organizations of Arbitration Managers. The Auction House of the Russian Federation acted as information sponsor and an active participant of the event. The conference drew the attention of representatives of all subjects of bankruptcy procedures: major creditors, self-regulating organizations of arbitration managers, operators of electronic platforms, regulating bodies, courts and international experts.

Participants came from all over the Russian Federation, and there were also representatives from Belgium, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

Speakers at the conference included: the director of the department of corporate management of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development Yu.A. Chizhova, the head of the department of the Russian Federal Tax Service G.V. Koltashov, the President of the Russian Union of Self-regulating organizations A.A. Nefredov, representatives of the Higher Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, a representative of the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation, the general director of the Interfax group financial and economic information service S.Yu Yakovlev, the general director of the Center for bankruptcy problems A.V. Yukhnin, representatives of self-regulating organizations of arbitration managers, and operators of electronic platforms.

During the conference, participants recalled the main milestones in the history of the development of the institution of bankruptcy in contemporary Russia, and the establishment of the institution of self-regulation in Russia in the sphere of arbitration management; they also discussed Russian and international experience in issues of collecting problematic debts. The participants were very interested in the topic of deferment, payment by installment, writing off credit and regulating tax debt.

The most interesting topic for operators of electronic auction platforms concerned information and communication technologies in procedures for levying debts and bankruptcy. At a roundtable discussion, there was an analysis of the practice of applying innovative information technologies to increase the effectiveness of bankruptcy proceedings, the practice of holding electronic auctions, publishing information about procedures in the Common federal register of information on bankruptcy, prospects for introducing systems of electronic document flow at self-regulating organizations etc.

The Auction House of the Russian Federation presented new services of the electronic auction platform Lot-online, and the advantages of involving the AHR as an auction organizer in the sale of property of debtors.
At a roundtable, a resolution was passed supported by the participants, proposing to improve the Law on bankruptcy, expand the openness of information of auctions, and approve the new procedure for confirming compliance of platform operators.
Participants showed interest in the issue of interaction of debtors and creditors in the process of collecting debt and realizing bankruptcy procedures, interaction of self-regulating organizations and persons participating in the bankruptcy case, and the legal practice of applying legislation on bankruptcy.

The issues discussed at the event have practical significance for all subjects of insolvency, and drew active discussion by all participants of the plenary meetings and roundtables.