RAD has started the sale of non-core assets of FSK EES

Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System of Russia

Russian Auction House (RAD) has appointed the first auction under a contract for the sale of non-core assets of the Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System (FSK EES).
On 31 of March the auction will be held for the sale of 24 apartments in Sochi, in modern residential complexes “Triumph” and “Shine of Sochi”.
The apartments will be sold at combined auctions ( through the Internet platform Lot-online and in the sales room at the same time).

Ten apartments offered for sale as a SINGLE lot.
The apartments are located in a residential complex of Business class “Triumph”.
Address: 2, building 2, Kirpichnaya Street, Adler, Sochi.
The total area of the apartments – 897.5 sq. m. (from 42.8 to 219.9 sq. m.),
The apartment occupies the 17th and 18th floors of the complex with a separate, extra lift.

Starting price – 84.3 million rubles.

The auction reference: http://www.auction-house.ru/auction/10-kvartir-gschi/

The object is of interest for corporate clients and for hoteliers. The apartments are equipped with everything necessary for living and work, can be used as lodging – office to work in Sochi, or mini-hotel, which offers comfortable conditions for working: meeting rooms, modern communication facilities and so on. The apartments are offered for sale with a whole furniture . The interior design is modern with use of exclusive imported furniture and appliances.
The object has excellent view characteristics – the windows overlook the sea and mountains.
Within walking distance is the railway station, from where you can reach the ski slopes of Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi city center, Olympic objects and Sochi airport.

Fourteen apartments offered for sale as SEPARATE lots.
The apartments with area ranging from 75.5 to 108.9 sq. m., located on the 13-19 floors of the residential complex “Shine of Sochi”.
Address: 22/1, Letter B, Vinogradnaya Street, Sochi.

Starting price varies from 6.8 to 10.7 million rubles.

The auction reference

The objects are located in an area with well-developed infrastructure. On the territory of residential complexes children's playgrounds, shops, cafes, parking are available.

“Today Sochi is one of the most popular resorts among the Russians. The reason is not only the fall of the ruble, because of which vacation abroad became more expensive, and a travel abroad ban for certain categories of citizens, but also the city itself with its unique nature and proper infrastructure appeared after the Olympics.
Residential real estate on the Black Sea coast can be used both for personal purpose and for leasing, and taking into account the fact, that value of real estate in Sochi will go up – the purchase also becomes a profitable investment” (Dinara Useinova, Deputy General Director of RAD).

“This year real estate prices in Sochi will probably be growing on a level with inflation or even be higher. Particularly strong growth will be in the summer, during the season – due to natural causes, and to the fact that in the market will be “thrown out” the next portion of “Olympic Reserve”. Increasing isolation of the country contribute to growing demand, and those who want to have a house by the sea and has no plans to emigrate, will be forced to pay attention to Sochi. Crimea among the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and especially Sochi loses much as a competitor” (Pavel Lutsenko, General Director of the Federal Portal “WORLD OF APARTMENTS”).

For reference
An agreement on cooperation between OJSC the Auction House of the Russian Federation and OJSC “FSK EES” within the framework of the sale of non-core assets of the Federal Grid Company was concluded in late 2014. To date 24 objects are being prepared for sale.