Auction scheduled for sale of 49% of shares in the Svoboda Cosmestics Association

On 29 March, the Auction House of the Russian Federation will hold an auction to sell the share of the city of Moscow in the Svoboda Cosmetics Association. The sale will take place by order of the Moscow city property department.

Up for sale at the auction are 49% of shares owned by the city in one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics in Russia, Svoboda Cosmetics Association, located at the address: ul. Vyatskaya, d. 47.
Starting price – 1 573 000 000 rubles

Total area of all manufacturing and service areas owned by the company – 101,231.8 sq.m.
Total area of land plots (on right of lease) – 114 595 sq.m.

The Svoboda factory is one of the leaders in the perfumes and cosmetics market in Russia. The production facilities of the company are in Moscow, and include five production lines – soap-making, glycerine, tubes, cosmetics and toothpastes and shampoos. At present, the Association has its own scientific center, and also a tube factory for the manufacture of its own packaging.

The assortment of products features over 250 brand names. The best-known brands of the company are the cosmetic series “Delovaya zhenshina”, “Diamant”, “Zelyony Chay”, “Moloko I Myod”, the men’s series “Komilfo”, the toothpastes “Paradontol”, “Karimed”, “Semeinaya”, and also the children’s cosmetics “Alisa” and “Tik-Tak”.

The Svoboda distribution chain covers all the regions of Russia, the Baltic States and the CIS (key markets are in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Georgia), and also countries outside the CIS (South Korea, Iran). The association has branches in Perm, Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk, and also a chain of its own retail shops in Moscow.

“There are not so many attractive assets on the Russian market that have a strong position on the market and recognizable brands. Svoboda is one of the most recognized and trusted brands.
“We believe that the share package may also interest developer and building companies. The factory owns a property complex with land plots,” said the general director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation Andrei Stepanenko.

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