Auction scheduled for sale of 26% share package in Mosteleset

On 12 May the Auction House of the Russian Federation will hold an auction for the sale of the share of the city of Moscow in Mosteleset. The sale will take place by the order of the Moscow city property department.

Up for sale at the auction will be 1,740,000,000 ordinary certified unregistered shares in Mosteleset owned by the city, which makes up 26% of the company’s shares.

Starting price — 1 800 000 000 rubles
Auction step — 90 000 000 rubles

Mosteleset was founded in 2005 by the Moscow government and the investment group Nafta-Moskva. The city’s share in the company was 26% of shares, while the remaining 74% belonged to the investment group.

At present, the second shareholder of Mosteleset is Rostelekom, through the National Telecommunications holding.

The activity of the Mosteleset company relates to services in the sphere of telecommunications and management of affiliated companies. Mosteleset is the only share-holder of the largest Moscow cable television operator, Mostelekom.

“The AHR has a rich experience of selling share packages of major telecommunications companies. The most prominent sales we have made are the realization by auction of 100% of share sin Metrokom for 2 billion rubles in 2010 and 100% of shares in Yugratel for 2,420,542,000 rubles in 2011. Both share packages were acquired by the Megafon company. Taking into account the experience gained in preparing and selling these sorts of objects, we expect that the auction of the shares in Mosteleset will be a success.

The auction will be held on 12 May at the address: Moscow, Khrustalny per., d. 1, auction hall.