Modern fuel oil terminal in Taganrog sold at auction of the Auction House of the Russian Federation

On 30 August 2013, the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR) announced the results of an auction for a 100% share in the charter capital of Kurgannefteprodukt. The auction was held by order of Sberbank of Russia.

Sale price – 1.6 billion rubles.
Winner of auction – ISR Trans.
The auction was the first experience of realizing by auction claims on debts of such a large amount – over 1.6 billion rubles.

In a single lot, the following was realized at the auction:
a 100% share in the charter capital of Kurgannefteprodukt;
debts on a line of credit to Sberbank (as of 01.07.2013 the debt came to 1 625 592 912.07 rub. (including interest)).

Kurgannefteprodukt, through the affiliated structure TMT, in which it owns a share of 100%, own immovable and movable property which is part of a complex of a modern terminal for the loading of fuel oil.

The terminal is located in one of the oldest industrial zones in Taganrog, Rostov Oblast, on the shore of the Taganrog Gulf, at the address: ul. Komsomolsky Spusk, 1 and 1-5.

“The asset sold today is unique for the oil products market. The new, modern fuel oil loading complex is equipped with all the necessary communications, and in 2008 installation of Danish air purification equipment was installed. This is the first time equipment of this level was installed at a Russian enterprise, and it allow to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere up to 95%! Figures show that the liquidity of the object – the terminal’s facilities make tit possible to load up to 2 million tons of oil products per year. This fact creates considerable potential for the company to capture a significant percentage of the market in the export segment of the oil products market,” says Olga Zheludkova, the head of the department for pledged property at AHR.

Kurgannefteprodukt is registered in Taganrog.
Kurgannefteprodukt is an operating company located in the south of Russia.
The company is responsible for handling cargo, wholesale retail of fuel, grain, animal feed, agricultural raw materials etc. The main activity of the organization is loading of M-100 oil fuel.
The laboratory of the fuel oil loading terminal is accredited at the Federal Agency for Technical Regulating and Metrology. It is equipped with the latest machinery manufactured in Germany, Japan and the UK.
At present, as part of providing services for loading of oil products, the company works successfully with organization from Russia, Canada and the British Virgin Islands.