For sale offered the rights for long-term lease of the property complex Michurinsky Locomotive Plant “Milorem”

For 26 September the Auction House of the Russian Federation (RAD) has appointed an auction for selling the rights of long-term lease of movable and immovable property of OJSC “Michurinsky Locomotive Plant “Milorem”.

Property complex located on two adjacent land plots with a total area of 30.9 he at the address:
Tambov region., Michurinsk, Privokzal’naya str., 1.
The auction will be held on behalf of the Federal State Enterprise “Repair and operational Association”.
The contract of lease for a term of five years will be signed with the winner of the bidding.
The starting price of the lease rights (equal to the amount of the monthly rental fee) – 5.54 million rubles.

The property complex is the production facility for the company of the railway industry. The main activity – repair of diesel locomotives by a full cycle, as well as a diversified manufacturing of metal-working – foundry.
In parallel with the main production it is possible to manufacture products of domestic and industrial purpose.

The facility is located on two land plots with the area of 28.95 he and 1.97 he.

The structure of the property complex includes:
- 125 objects of which 58 buildings with a total area of 117 thousand sq. m;
- Equipment.

For reference:
Michurinsky Locomotive Plant “Milorem” was founded in 1866.
The plant is a modern machine building enterprise for locomotives repair.
With development of the main production the plant developed and mastered the original technology for the production of boilers of tank wagons for light oils. In addition, the production of  minitechnics based on engine M-22 of its own production is mastered.
On this industrial facility repair of shunting locomotives of Czech production and diesel locomotives of domestic production was carried out, herewith more than 700 items of spare parts were manufactured independently.