For sale offered former ATMs of the Baykal Bank

On 16th April the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) will hold an auction on behalf of the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASV).
For sale offered a property of Baykal Bank PJSC liquidated bank – totally 13 cash machines.
The ATMs are sold as separate lots.

The biddings will take place at the ETP AHRF Electronic Trading Platform.

At the auction the ATMs of four models are presented: Diebold Opteva 522 (5 pcs), ProCash 2100 (3 pcs), MoniMax 7600 (3 pcs) и MoniMax 5600 (2 pcs).

The starting price of the lot depends on the ATM’s model:
Diebold Opteva 522 – 453,904 rubles.
ProCash 2100 – 1.1 million rubles.
MoniMax 7600 – 832,202 rubles.
MoniMax 5600 – 402,221 rubles.

“Buying of ATMs of another bank with further rebranding is a normal practice among financial organizations and companies, involved in the supply and maintenance of bank equipment.
In favor of used devices – for relatively small funds the buyer gets the opportunity to expand his own ATM network or create a reserve fund.
I think that this proposal may be of interest to both federal and small regional companies”,says Alexander Ryzhkov, Representative of the AHRF in Krasnoyarsk.