For sale offered a CLUB 40 entertaining center in Sosnovy Bor

On 2 June the Auction House of the Russian Federation (the AHRF) has scheduled an auction for the sale of property of the CLUB 40 entertaining center. The biddings tale place under the bankruptcy procedure of the LLC Shpil (the LLC Spire).

The property located in Sosnovy Bor of Leningrad Region, in the distance of 600 m from Kalishche railway station (Baltic Railway Terminal). In close proximity one of the main roads – Koporskoye Highway – passes. Nearby there are public transport stops.
Address: 1, Mira Av, Sosnovy Bor.

Three lots will be offered for sale at the auction:
Лот No 1 – 3-storey building of the entertaining center with a land plot. The land plot area is 2,874 sq. m.
In 2014 the reconstruction of the Object was completed, after which the building area increased by 30% and now it is more than 2.8 thousand sq. m.
The building is in nice condition and fully ready for operation.
The open parking is available
Starting price – 77.9 million rubles.

Lot No 2 – playing center equipment.
The Lot consists of 30 items of playing equipment: air hockey, dynamometer hammer with tickets giving-out, simulator of shooting and race, children’s mini-rides, sports and prize rides and others.
Starting price – 4.6 million rubles.

Lot No 3 – equipment for 9 tracks bowling center.
Starting price – 5.5 million rubles.

“This property could be interesting for investors who schedule to expand their business. In this case the lots are attractive both individually – for example, for renewal and addition to the existing playing equipment, and altogether, if a buyer schedules to cover a new market”, – tells Olga Zheludkova, Head of Department for Work with Non-core and Troubled Assets of Banks.

For detailed information about the Object of sale please see the site of the Auction House of the Russion Federation (AHRF)