A non-core asset of Kirovskiy Plant Group of Companies in Novovoronezh

On 24th May the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) will hold a Dutch auction on behalf of the Kirovskiy Plant Group of Companies (KZ).
The property of KZ – a production complex in Voronezh Region, where the Atomenergosapchast Machine Building Plant was located, is offered for sale.
Address: 9, Voronezh Highway, Novovoronezh, Voronezh Region.

The complex with an area of 79.6 thousand sq. m is located on two land plots with a total area of 16.6 ha. The complex consists of a production building (31.9 thousand sq. m.) and several buildings of administrative and production purposes.
The object is located in Vostochnaya (Eastern) industrial zone, in the first line of Voronezh Highway, not far from Novovoronezhskaya and Kolodeznaya railway stations.

In the immediate proximity there are Atomenergoremont repairing company, SHOP-1 former syringe plant, NEPT design and construction company, Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant (NVNPP).
The object is in good condition, part of the area is rented out.
The starting price is 150 million rubles.
MINIMUM price – 120 million rubles.

“An investor can use this site for placing its own production facility, as well as to rent out vacant spaces. Due to the proximity of the federal highways (M4 Don and E38 (Kursk-Voronezh-Saratov), as well as a wide network of railway lines, the investor will be able to establish here an effective logistics in almost all directions: to the western and central regions of the country, as well as to the neighboring countries”,thinks Raisa Muratova, Acting Head of the Commercial Department of the AHRF.

The site is suitable for power-intensive industries, with power supply capacity of about 2 MW.