Food supermarket will be built in Marshal Blyukher Avenue

The construction on a plot with an area of 1.8 ha will be carried out by a major food retailer

On 5th October, 2016 the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) held an auction for the sale of the last plot in Marshal Blyukher Avenue, destined for the construction of a trading object.
The auction was held under the instructions of a subsidiary enterprise of JSC Garrison (a former OJSC Oboronservis) – OJSC 775 Artillery Repair Plant.

Four applicants took part in the auction; all of them are representatives of major food retail chains, already appeared in Saint Petersburg.
During the auction 193 steps for increase were made.
As a result, the price of the plot grew more than twice that was 180.7 million rubles (the starting price – 84.2 million rubles).

According the approved Project of Territory Planning an investor can build there an object with an area of 8,500 sq. m.

“For the first time since 2011 in Saint Petersburg a land auction was held with an excess of 100 million rubles. We are proud of this result, although we foresaw it. Kalininskiy District is being rapidly built up with apartment blocks, including land plots along Marshal Blyukher Avenue. In the nearest surrounding of the plot residential complexes are constructed by the following companies: LSR (RC Kalina-Park), TsDS (RC Kantemirovskiy), KVS(RC Ivan and Maria) and RosStroyInvest (City of Craftsmen). Concurrently there is an acute shortage of qualitative shopping centers of district level. So, the interest to the plot, which we were selling today, was predictable. On the other hand, a boom at the auction emphasize again lack of territories, ready for development and pace of social and commercial construction is slower than pace of housing erection” (Andrey Stepanenko, General Director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation).

For reference:
Earlier the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) within the framework of cooperation with JSC Garrison sold at the auctions two land plots as a part of a territory of a former plant in Marshal Blyukher Avenue, 12.
The plots with areas of 7.3 ha and 10.2 ha for housing construction were sold for the amount of 470 million rubles and 512 million rubles. The buyers are RosStroyInvest Group of Companies and LLC KVS-Yug.