The hotel-palace “Talion” in the historical center of St Petersburg is put up for auction

On the 3rd of June 2013 the Auction House of the Russian Federation will hold an auction for the sale of the “Talion” complex – the only de lux class club hotel in Russia. The object is sold by the order of a private owner.

The complex includes: the “Talion Imperial” hotel (the only de lux class club hotel in Russia, the member of the hotel chains Virtuozo and The Leading Hotels of the World), a business center, premises for shopping and entertainment purposes, restaurants, a fitness center  and so on.

The “Talion” complex practically occupies a whole block in the very center of St Petersburg, in a two minutes’ walk from the Palace Square and the Winter Palace (the total area of the land plot: 6.8 thousand sq.m.). It unites the buildings of Nevsky pr. 15 (built in 1768-1771), Moiky nab. 59 (built in 1794-1796) and a part of the building of Bolshaya Morskaya ul. 14 (1814-1817).

Total area of the object – 24.3 thousand sq. m.
Initial price – 11.172 billion rubles.
Cut-off price – 9.500 billion rubles.
Means of sale – a Dutch auction (a descending price auction)

The Talion Imperial Hotel is located in the historical  quarter, the main decoration of which is the famous Palace of the General Plolizmeister of St Petersburg, Nikolai Ivanovich Chicherin. The palace was built in 1771 upon the project of the architect, Yury Felten. In 1858 the Eliseyev merchant family who also owned the famous Elisseeff’s Store bought the land plot (with the three buildings located on it) between the rivers of Moika and the Bolshaya Morskaya street.

The project of renovation of the buildings that make part of a uniform ensemble was started by the “Talion" company in 1993. In the course of the works the investor fully renovated the antique palace interiors according to the historic designs.  Authentic objects of antique furniture and applied art of the 18-19th centuries were used in the decoration of the interiors. No other hotel of the world comes near the “Talion” hotel in the splendor and authenticity of its interior decoration. The renovation finished in 2010 when they also opened the second line of the five star “Taleon-club” hotel. 

 “Talion Imperial Hotel” is the winner of the Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice competition in 2012-2013, and has also been named by the editorial board of the Condé Nast Traveler magazine among the best hotels from those opened in 2011.

The room capacity of the hotel amounts to 89 rooms. At the moment the owner is working on the extension of the hotel, and 31 rooms will be added to the existing areas. The works will be finished in 2013.

For reference:
The Auction House of the Russian Federation has experience in selling large hotels. In 2011 AHR realized the 100% stock of shares of the “Hotel “National” Company by the order of the Property Department of the City of Moscow to the amount of 4.67 billion rubles.