With peak exceeding was sold a 100% block of shares of OJSC Murmansk Fishing Seaport Bidding were held on the instructions of Rosimushchestvo

On 14 December the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) held an auction for the sale of 100% block of shares of OJSC Murmansk Sea Fishing Port (MSFP), including in the Forecast Plan of Privatization for 2014–2016.
The main activities of the Enterprise are port services, freight transportation of goods, including fish.

4 bidders took part in the Auction.
During the Auction the participants made 63 bid increments for the starting price increasing. So the sale price exceeded the starting price by 44%.
The Auction Winner – LLC Kupets purchased the Lot for the amount of 1,026,831,000 rubles (starting price – 711,831,000 rubles).

    In 2011 (on 30 September, 2011) the Rosimushchestvo (Federal Property Management Agency) tried to sell MSFP for the price of 1.150 billion rubles. Bidding did not take place. Today at the Auction that pre-Depression price of the assets was almost obtained, despite the fact that the Market now is under recession and investors have difficulties with attracting external financing.

The Buyer is one of the key players of fishing industry. For a long period it has been operating on the territory of MSFP and is going to boost this activity of the Port. At the same time the Investor will be developing the others directions of the Port activity – oil and coal.
“We are satisfied with bidding results – the Lot was sold with a large excess of the starting price and we were able to involve to the enterprise the Investor in this industry, whose area of expertise guarantees development of the given direction, which was at risk during the last years”, – Olga Sokolova, Deputy Director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation for Privatization.