The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has concluded with the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) a regular Agreement for the sale of movable property for the period of 5 years

According to preliminary assessment of AHRF for the mentioned period the budget of these sales will be 10–15 billion rubles (or about 3 billion a year).

The property will be sold in accordance with the ways and rules, stipulated by the Law on Privatization of State and Municipal Property №178 ФЗ.

The Agreement was concluded according to the results of competitive selection, held by the Ministry of Defense of the RF in November, 2015.
Under the terms of the Agreement AHRF during 5 years will organize auctions for the sale of a decommissioned movable military property – former military equipment, vehicles and equipment in the state of scrap metal as well as decommissioned munitions.

The auctions will be held predominantly at the electronic trading facility of OHRF – Lot-online. This way of selling is the most convenient for the sale of scrap metal, which is the main part of the assets transferred to AHRF. Scrap metal for sale is not stored, but collected from the indicated place without assistance.

An exception may be bidding for the sale of decommissioned munitions, which could be needful for buyers/private persons for their own purposes. Part of the auctions AHRF schedules to hold in the auction hall with auctioneer. Bidding will be organized by the branch offices of the Auction House of the Russian Federation, located in 11 large cities of RF – Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk and so on.

This is the second Agreement on the sale of former military equipment, signed between the Ministry of Defense of RF and the Auction House of the Russian Federation. The first Agreement expires in December of 2014*.