The prize of the fourth auction of antiques and objects of art of the Russian auction house became a part of a collection of the Pavlovsk memorial estate

On the eve of antiquarian auction of the Russian auction house which took place on June 2 2012, in it is GLAD the management of the Pavlovsk memorial estate with a request for removal from the auction of one of prizes - three etchings of work of Yemelyan Korneyev addressed. Etchings are acquired by a museum at minimum price.
Yemelyan Mikhaylovich Korneyev (1780–1839) – the Russian artist, the academician who is in due time very popular, valued contemporaries, but then unfairly forgotten. Belonged to leading representatives of the specific genre graphics, one of the most interesting phenomena in Russian art of the end by XVIII – the first quarter of the XIX century. The interested museum a prize consists of three etchings painted by a water color: «A horse stadium of the Kazan Tatars», «Russian dancing», «Ice slopes on Irtysh at Tobolsk». According to the director of a museum Vera Anatolyevna Dementieva, these works are necessary for Pavlovsku for completion of the losses suffered by a collection of graphics in sales 1920-x-1930-x years and during the Great Patriotic War.

Andrey Stepanenko, director general of JSC Rossiysky auktsionny dom:
«That fact that the works of art presented at our auction steadily cause interest of museums, proves that we go on the correct way in respect of selection of prizes for auctions. Huge honor for the Russian auction house is presence among our clients of such world famous museums as the State Hermitage, the Memorial estate "Tsarskoye Selo". And with the Pavlovsk memorial estate we already had real partnership: December, 2010 Pavlovsk became, in fact, our first client at antiques auctions. Then we removed from auction a set from dozen of wine-glasses of Imperial glass plant, and, in coordination with the owner, the subject was sold to a museum at minimum price. On the eve of the second auction in June, 2011 the Russian auction house and the Pavlovsk memorial estate signed the contract on sale of a decorative tray «A hunting scene» Imperial Porcelain plant. This subject also was sold on special conditions. We initially declared the priority right of museums to acquisition of prizes, as our principled stand. It will allow to fill up museum collections with the most valuable subjects of the antiquarian market. I will note that such privilege is provided only to museums».