A large developing company, A Plus Development, within the framework of developing of Land-Development line offered for sale land plots with a ready documentation in Sverdlovsk and Volgograd regions

On 11 December the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) will hold an auction for the sale as separate lots of two land plots destined for construction of industrial objects, production facilities, as well as objects roadside service (fuel filling stations, mini hotels and others).
On the land plots engineering surveys, a studying of Urban Development documentation and engineering and technical services are carried out.

The biddings will be held in Dutch format (a descending price auction).

“A Plus Development company is engaged in professional development and preparation of land plots for different projects. So, an investor, while purchasing a carefully studied plot, can significantly cut payback terms, optimize costs and reduce a volume of investment risks.
The both plots are undeveloped territories, located near major transport junctions (railway stations, airport and federal highway). Taking into consideration a successful location, the most possible way of use of the plots is for construction of a multi-purpose logistic complex”, – comments Dmitry Altbregin, Deputu Director of Moscow Branch Office of JSC AHRF.

• The plot with an area of 10.6 ha is located in a distance of 16 km from Volgograd, in close vicinity of a federal car highway – P-22 Kaspiy (Volgograd-Moscow).
Address: territory of administration of Gorodishchenskoye Urban Settlement, Volgograd Region.
The plot can be purchased with a 30% discount of the starting price of Dutch auction.
Minimum price of the Lot is 35 million rubles.
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• Title for purchasing the tract of land with an area of 10 ha (Rent Contract until 2022), near the Koltsovo International Airport and the federal highway – P-351 (Yekaterinburg-Tyumen).
Address: Siberia Tract, Istok Village, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region.
The plot can be purchased with a 26% discount of the starting price of Dutch auction.
Minimum price of the Lot is 55 million rubles.
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