In Saint Petersburg for sale offered the former dealership of the BaltAvtoTrade Company

On 29th, June at the electronic trading platform of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (ETP AHRF) the auction will be held within the framework of bankruptcy procedure of LLC BaltAvtoTrade and LLC BaltAvtoTrade F car brands, which earlier were the dealers of the BMW and the Wolkswagen car brands.

“For sale offered the property of the companies in Vyborgskiy District of Saint Petersburg. Basically these are fuel filling stations and former dealerships. All objects are in good condition and are ready for work.
Taking into consideration an established practice, when a former dealerships are successfully reformatting for supermarkets (for example, chain of Sezon stores was purchased the former Dealership Centre on Pulkovo Highway, and Lenta has bought two dealerships near near the Atlant-M and the Alarm Motors dealerships), we are searching for buyers also among the retail”, – tells Olga Zheludkova, Head of Department for Work with Non-Core and Troubled Assets of Banks.

1. A two-storey building with an area of 861 sq. m and the land plot with an area of 1.8 thousand sq. m near the Ploshchad Muzhestva (the Square of Courage) underground station
Address: 46, letter A, Prospekt Morisa Torezau (Maurice Thorez Avenue)
Taking into consideration the Building characteristics, the most possible way of its use is for placing a store or a service sector (an atelier, a barbershop and so on).
Starting price – 48 million rubles

2. A former Car Showroom near the Prospekt Prosveshcheniya (Avenue of Education) underground station
Address: 10, letter A, Pridorozhnaya Alleyway
The Building area is 5.5 thousand sq. m, the plot area is 4.8 thousand sq. m.
The most possible way of use is for placing a shopping centre.
Starting price – 368.5 million rubles.

3. A former Car Service Station near the Parnas (the Parnassus) underground station
Address: 28, Ulitsa Kompozitorov (Street of Composers)
A two-storey Building area is 1.1 thousand sq. m
The most possible way of use is using for its intended purpose or make into a commerce/service sector.
Starting price – 56.2 million rubles.