Collectors’ Russian coins and medals in Moscow

The Moscow numismatic firm “Coins and Medals” opened a pre-auction exhibition at its office on Strastnoy Bulvar on 2 April. 428 works are displayed: old Russian coins, medals, tokens, banknotes, stocks, bonds and books on numismatics. The nickel 25 kopeck coins minted in Japan for Russia are especially rare, and are valued at 2.5-3 million rubles. The rare gold 5 rubles coins of 1822 (St. Petersburg mint) are also rare, and at different times they were part of the collections of great numismatists, the Great Prince Georgy Mikhailovich and Willy Fux, and are valued at 2-3 million rubles. The exhibition also includes the rare 37 rubles 50 kopeck gold pieces from 1902. They are special because they are not coins minted for circulation, but were selected for high-ranking officials, with 225 specimens made. 200 specimens were given to Tsar Nicholas II for personal gifts on special occasions. The remaining 25 specimens were given to the Great Prince Georgy Mikhailovich. The coins are valued at 3-4 million rubles.

Visitors to the exhibition will see such numismatic rarities as a half 50 kopeck piece from 1702, a half 50 kopeck piece of 1703, a 50 kopeck piece with no year stamped on it (1710), a ducat of 1729, a platinum token in honor of the coronation of Tsar Nicholas I, 12 rubles from 1833, a golden medal of the Imperial Russian geographical society “For useful works”, and many other things. The exhibition will continue until 13 April. At the closing, on 14 April, an auction will be held at the Marriott Royal Avrora hotel, where interested customers may purchase the items displayed.

Nadezhda Nazarevskaya, antiques columnist