The Podvig (Act of Bravery) cinema in Kolpino is offered for sale

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) prepares for sale the building of Podvig cinema located in a public garden named after Heroes Izhortsev in Kolpino.

Address: 34, letter A, Pavlovskaya Str., Kolpino Town, Saint Petersburg.
The Object is located in an old district of Kolpino, in the area of good transport accessibility – nearby there are public transport stops, in the distance of 450 m there is Kolpino Highway, in the distance of 2.2 km Kolpino railway station is situated.
The Lot consists of 3-storey building with an area of 4.2 thousand sq. m and a land plot with an area of 0.5 ha (as ownership).
According to the valid Land Use and Land Development Rules the Object is located in zone for placing objects of multi-purpose social and business development and residential houses (ТД1-2_2).
The starting price is 280 million rubles.

The building was built in 1984, in 2013 a modernization of interior premises was carried out. The Object is in good condition.
Currently in the building the cinema with two auditorium (small and large), Salyut café and conception-bar work. After a deal making all areas will be vacated.
“A successful location is an undoubted advantage of this proposal. In the district with an existing residential development carrying out of any commercial project will be profitable – from a sports centre to trading complex and social and business complex, with restaurants, bars and other demanded objects. The Object has everything necessary to become a centre of attraction for inhabitants of Kolpino. Wherein, in the list of conditionally permitted use of the plot includes housing, so, provided that the project is agreed, on that territory it is possible to construct a full value residential complex”, – comments Dmitry Altbregin, Head of Commercial Department of the AHRF.

For detailed information about the Object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)