JSC "Russian auction house" reports that the auction for sale of shares of Open Joint Stock Company "Central Research Institute of Textile Machinery Tooling" declared invalid

Date of determination of participants - April 6, 2015
Location determination of participants - Moscow, Crystal Lane., D. 1.
The basis for recognition of the auction failed - no bids.

Information about the shares put up for auction

Issuer - Joint Stock Company "Central Research Institute of tooling textile machinery."
Location and mailing address - Russian Federation, 109390, Moscow, st. Artyukhina, d. 6, Bldg. 2.
The number and class of shares - 13,800 ordinary shares in uncertificated form, representing 100 percent of the share capital.
State registration number of shares - 1-01-11657-A dated November 27, 2006
The owner of auctioned shares - Russian Federation.
The nominal value of shares is the same and is equal to 100 (one hundred) rubles. per share.
The total nominal value of shares - - 1,380,000 (one million three hundred eighty thousand) rubles.
The initial price of shares - 160,000,000 (one hundred sixty million) rubles.
Information message about the auction is published in the bulletin "State property" from 23.01.15 № 5 (572).