The city resumes the sale of state property

The first bidding will take place after the termination of the mandate
Property Fund of St. Petersburg on the website of the Russian Auction House on the 10th of July.

On July 10, the first auctions for privatization of St. Petersburg property will be held on the electronic trading platform of the Russian Auction House (ETP RAD) within the framework of the agreement between KIO and RAD.
On April 1, the St. Petersburg Property Relations Committee (SPC) and the Auction House of the Russian Federation (RAD) signed an agreement on cooperation within the framework of the state property sale.
According to the agreement, the electronic trading platform of ETP RAD will be used for free to hold auctions for privatization of St. Petersburg property.
For the sale of complex objects the city will carry out a separate selection of the organizer of the auction from among professional sellers, selected by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation № 1874-r of 25.10.2010

On July 10, three buildings with land plots will be put up for auction in separate lots - near the metro station "Volkovskaya" on Georgianskaya Street, near Rzhevka on Chelyabinskaya Street and in Pavlovsk on the territory of the park "Mariental". And also four commercial premises, the area from 81,5 sq.m. to 241,3 sq.m.
Initial lot prices range from RUB 1.7 million to RUB 36 million.

Buildings with land plots:
1. 647 sq.m. three-storey office building with a land plot of 1,2 thousand sq.m. next to the metro station "Volkovskaya"
Address: 15A Georgianskaya Street
Initial price - 16.6 million rubles

2.    Four-storey office building of 987.6 sq.m. with a plot of land of 6 thousand sq.m. next to the intersection of KAD and Ryabinskoye highway.
Address: 37B Chelyabinskaya Street
Initial price - 36 million rubles

3. 85,2 sq.m. one-storey building with a plot of 211 sq.m. on the territory of "Mariental" park in Pavlovsk
Address: 1/2 Krasny Kursant Street, Pavlovsk, Literary A
Initial price - 4.6 million rubles

Commercial premises:
1.    Premises of 83.4 sq.m. at the intersection of Kuznetsovskaya Street and Moskovsky Avenue, 5 minutes from the metro station "Victory Park".
Address: 15A Kuznetsovskaya Street.
The initial price - 1.7 million rubles.

2.    Premises of 241.3 sq.m. in the center of St. Petersburg, next to Suvorovsky Prospect.
Address: 15-17 Moiseenko Street, lit.A.
The initial price - 7 million rubles.

3.    Premises 81.5 sq.m. next to the Baltic Railway Station
Address: 34A, Rizhskiy prospect.
The initial price is 4 million rubles.

4.    Premises of 149.7 sq.m. on the first floor of a historical building near the railway station "Stary Peterhof".
Address: 2A, Golitskaya St., Peterhof
The initial price is RUB 9.5 million.

"RAD already has a successful experience of electronic trading in St. Petersburg assets. In the period 2010 - 2012 RAD held auctions on privatization at its ETP in the framework of regional legislation. During this period, 343 objects worth 1.91 billion rubles were sold. In addition, our advantage is that the RAD is the only platform specializing in bidding for the sale of property, while other operators specialize in procurement. And lastly, the RAD is located in and pays taxes in St. Petersburg. Therefore, we will be able to bring our city a double benefit - in the form of profit at the end of the auction, and in the form of tax deductions", - says Andrey Stepanenko, CEO of RAD.

On June 1, 2019, amendments to the Federal Law 178-FZ "On Privatization of State and Municipal Property" came into force. According to the amendments, all property within the framework of privatization (federal and regional) will be sold exclusively at electronic auctions. Bidding can be held at 8 sites selected by the Government of the Russian Federation for work under 44-FZ under the state order. These include the RAD.
For sale of complex objects to regions, for the most effective sale, it is recommended to involve professional sellers from the list of sites selected by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation № 1874-r of 25.10.2010. They also include RAD.
RAD is the only company included in the list:
- organizers of the auction for the sale of state property (Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1874-r of 25.10.2010)
- ETP operators (electronic platforms) for the sale of state property (Government Order No. 2488-r of 04.12.2015).