The Glavstroy-SPb Company will sale commercial premises at an auction of the Auction House of the Russian Federation

Saint Petersburg, 30 October, 2017 – Glavstroy-SPb Company, included in a construction sector of one of the largest Russian diversified industrial groups – Bazovy Element, and JSC the Auction House of the Russian Federation has made a contract on cooperation. According to the Contract for sale will be offered 13 highly liquid commercial premises with an area about 1,500 sq. m. Total sum of the starting prices of all lots will be as 143.3 million rubles.

The area of the premises offered for sale varies from 76 to 216.5 sq. m. The starting price of the lots varies from 7.6 million to 21.6 million rubles. All objects are located on the first floors of residential buildings and are fully ready for carrying out business. Connections to heating, water and electric power systems and to sewerage are available. A possibility of a free access to the premises and parking spaces are provided for.

Aleksander Lelin, General Director of Glavstroy-SPb:
- The Auction House of the Russian Federation is an old and reliable partner of  Glavstroy-SPb in selling nonresidential premises in complexes of the Company. The last cooperation experience was very successful for us, so this year we decided to use it in commercial premises selling in two residential complexes of the company at the same time – RC Severnaya Dolina (North Valley) and RC Panorama 360.

Andrey Stepanenko, General Director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation:

-Street retail is one of the best proposals for the market under current conditions. And street retail on a territory of a new, large residential complex is, in fact, a ready package offer, in which practically all problems, arising in small business, are solved. Everything concerning technical equipment of objects is provided still at the construction phase – businessmen can carry out only the premises finishing for their project. But the main thing is that they may not think about the client involvement. Everybody who bought apartments in Glavstroy-SPb complexes will become the clients for those who will start their own business there. We are sure in a high demand for the objects of Glavstroy-SPb and are very happy to continue our cooperation.

About Severnaya Dolina Residential Complex
RC Severnaya Dolina in Vyborgskiy District (http://sevdol.ru/) is one of the largest projects of integrated territory development in Saint Petersburg. It has started in 2009. Ten stages of construction with a total area of 2 million sq. m were put into operation. Within the framework of the project Glavstroy-SPb engaged in development of social and road infrastructure. In the Complex 4 kindergartens and 2 schools with a common number – № 482 are constructed and work. On the RC territory more than 200 objects of trading and services were opened: grocery supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, beauty salons and fitness centre, banks, children education centre, furniture and household stores. In yards playgrounds, recreation areas for children and adults are created, underground and aboveground parking are provided for. Nearby the Shuvalovskiy Park is located. By the time of the project completion in RC Severnaya Dolina 13 kindergartens and 10 schools, ambulance stations for 8 cars, children and adult outpatient hospital, fire department, police department and post office will be operating. In the Residential complex 80,000 inhabitants of Petersburg will have their residences.

About the Glavstroy-SPb Company
Glavstroy-SPb (www.glavstroi-spb.ru) is one of the largest Russian developers. It was founded in 2006. It is a part of the Bazovy Element (Basic Element) Group of Companies. The main line of activity is a complex development of urban territories. The Company acts as a Customer, a Construction Manager, General Contractor, a Developer, an Investor. In a land bank of the Company there are more than 700 ha. A total area of housing scheduled to be constructed is about 5 million sq. m. The volume of investments and declared projects are more than 300 billion rubles. The Company is one of the major construction managers of the Northwestern Federal District. Among key developing projects there are Severnaya Dolina, Yuntolovo and Panorama 360 residential complexes.

About the Bazovy Element Group
The Bazovy Element (www.basel.ru) is one of the largest dynamically developing industrial groups in Russia. The Group consists of companies which are regulated or which are in scope of business interests of Oleg Deripaska. The Group structures take part in the assets management or they are directly the owners of significant shares in capital stock of companies, working in many sectors of economy: power, engineering, financial, construction, airport, agricultural and others. More than 200,000 people work in more than 100 enterprises of Bazovy Element in Russia, CIS countries, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Many of the companies are of the first importance in their market segments, including En+Group, Group GAZ, Bazel Aero, Glavstroy Development and others.