The Auction announced for the sale of federal block of shares Of OJSC the Renovation Company A ready business in the center of Moscow, inside the Garden Ring

On 1st of December the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) has scheduled the Auction for the sale of 21.01% of shares of OJSC the Renovation Company, including in the Forecast Plan of Privatization in 2014–2016.

Biddings on the instructions of “Rosimushchestvo”.

For today the main activity of the Company is leasing of own real estate, located in the center of Moscow near the subway stations “Kitay-Gorod” and “Arbatskaya”.
Also the additional source of income are dividends received from subsidiaries as well as interest on loans, deposits and long-term financial investments.
In addition, the Company engaged in investment of funds in objects of real estate,

Starting price – 390 million rubles.

According to the results of 2014 net profit of the Company was more than half a billion rubles.

“For today the Renovation Company is a going profitable rental business. Taking into consideration a current economic situation, purchasing of this assets could be a profitable investment”, – says Angelica Imanova, Head of Department for Privatization.

The Company owns:
Office building with an area of 1,415.5 sq. M. with a land plot with an area of 446 sq. m.
(under leasing until 2061), near the subway station “Arbatskaya”.
Address: 3, building 1A, Sredny Kislovsky Lane, Moscow.
Today the majority of the Object (1,246 sq. m. is under long-term lease (until 2021) at average rates.
    Office premises with total area of 248.2 sq. m. near the subway station “Kitay-Gorod”.
Address: 14/6, building 1, Pokrovsky Boulevard, Moscow.

Subsidiary enterprises:
100% of shares of LLC “CenterZhilService-2010” (the main activity – leasing of own real estate);
26% of LLC “Stolichny Project – KM” (the main activity – leasing of own real estate);
24% of CJSC “Sub-Urban”(the main activity – Developer of RC “ Pyatnichnye Kvartaly”).

For detailed information about the object please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)