Bidding for the sale of a production site of “El’bor” plant in Novgorod Region is carried out

On 24 June the Auction House of the Russian Federation (OJSC AHRF) held the auctions for the sale of rights (claims) on credit , issued by OJSC “Sberbank of Russia” for LLC “PK ZSI” (the assignee of LLC “Plant El’bor”).
Security for credit are the objects of movable and immovable property of the production site at the address: 30 , Pesochnaya Street , Borovichi Town , Novgorod Region.
- The total area of all objects of real estate – 100 thousand sq. m. , of which the total area of two land plots – 7,9 he;
- Movable property (production line) – 176 units.

2 bidders took part in the auction.
The Winner of the auction purchased the Lot for the amount of 210 million rubles.

For today the amount of the loan indebtedness is 411.81 million rubles. Under the terms of bidding the Winner will act as the Lien Creditor in the bankruptcy procedure of the owners of objects (LLC “PK ZSI” , LLC “Energia” , LLC “Anker”). In the future he will be able to claim from the lender the full amount of the debt or to sale the pledged assets , the total value of which is about 309 million rubles.

For reference:
Since 2013 the Auction House of the Russian Federation (OJSC AHRF) have cooperate with Sberbank of Russia within the framework of the sale at auctions of rights (claims) on loans. In all in this sector deals were made for the amount more than 2.8 billion rubles.