For sale offered a half-constructed ecologic market near the centre of Yekaterinburg

On 20th of July the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) has scheduled an auction for the sale of the object of unfinished construction (a degree of readiness 67%) in Yekaterinburg – buildings for trading function, for example, for agricultural market, with a land plot with an area of 1.34 ha.
The Object located in the area of good transport accessibility – near a major traffic interchange – the Moscow Trukt and Lenin Avenue, in 5 km of the Central Railway Terminal.
Address: 8, Vstrechny Lane, Yekaterinburg.
Starting price – 99 million rubles.

Connection for all necessary systems of engineering utility services (water supply, heating, electric power supply and sewerage).

“The Object located in a district of residential and business development. Within the nearest surrounding there are no objects with a similar function. The given factors are good reasons for beneficial investments in the project of ecologic market in this district”, – comments Dmitry Altbregin, Head of Commercial Department of the Auction House of the Russian Federation. 

Предположительный объем инвестиций для создания торгового комплекса (сельскохозяйственного рынка) – 220 млн рублей.

Estimated volume of investments for creation of the shopping complex (agricultural market) – 220 million rubles.

The Object includes:
• three-storey building of shopping complex (readiness – 67%), area – 6.3 thousand sq. m;
• three-level parking (readiness – 18%) for 128 cars, 5.7 thousand sq. m;
• transformer substation (readiness – 95%), area – 22.7 sq. m;
• central heating substation, area – 64.2 sq. m.

With detailed information about the object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)