JSC "Russian auction house" reports that the auction for sale of shares of Open Joint Stock Company "Road operational enterprise № 14" is declared invalid

Date of determination of participants - April 6, 2015
Location determination of participants - Moscow, Crystal Lane., D. 1.
The basis for recognition of the auction failed - the single application.

Information about the shares put up for auction

Issuer - Joint Stock Company "road operational enterprise № 14".
Location and mailing address - Russian Federation, Moscow region, Lyubertsy district, Oktyabrsky village, street Road, Building 1.
The number and class of shares - 154 988 ordinary shares in uncertificated form, representing 100 percent of the share capital.
State registration number of shares - 1-01-15401-A dated March 29, 2013
The owner of auctioned shares - Russian Federation.
The nominal value of shares is the same and is equal to 1 000 (one thousand) rubles. per share.
The total nominal value of shares - 154,988,000 (one hundred fifty-four million nine hundred eighty-eight thousand) rubles.
The initial price of shares - 377,000,000 (three hundred seventy-seven million) rubles.
The number of applications - 1.
Those found the auction:
Information message about the auction is published in the bulletin "State property" from 27.02.15 № 21 (588).