Only one land plot for residential construction in the village of Pargolovo in the north of Petersburg remains to be auctioned off.

A month ago, the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR), announced an auction for the last two land plots for residential construction in Pargolovo in the north of St. Petersburg. Last week, one of the land plots was sold by direct sale.

Thus, only one land plot with an area of 2.46 hectares will be put up for sale on the auction scheduled for the 10th of October. On this territory, over 30,000 sq.m. of housing can be built. The object belongs to the LEK Company and is a security on a loan issued by the bank of St. Petersburg.

Starting price – 276 million rubles.

 “Initially, it was planned that two land plot would be put up for auction. But the AHR sold one of them by direct sale – the price offered by the buyer suited the owner of the land plot. Thus, the last of 10 land plots that make up the territory of the block will be put up for auction on the 10th of October. The construction companies Pragma, Normann, Prok, 36 Trest and Lenzhilstroi are already working close to the land plot. They all acquired the land plots at auctions (and by direct sale) of the Auction House of the Russian Federation, which is the exclusive seller of this territory. At present, high-quality offers on the land market of St. Petersburg are very rare. The land plot in Pargolovo has a whole range of positive characteristics – a good location and advantageous surrounding area, which will allow investors to realize a high-yield housing project here,”  says Dmitry Altbregin, the head of the department for property of private owners at the AHR.

Address: St. Petersburg, Pargolovo village, Torfyanoe, Olginskaya doroga, land plot 12 (to the northeast of dom 4 litera A on Zarechnaya ulitsa).
Area: 24 649 sq. m.

The land plot is located in the north of St. Petersburg, in the actively developing Vyborgsky district. The Parnas metro station is five minutes’ walk away. Major roads are located close by – Prospekt Engelsa, Vyborgskoe shosse, the ring road, and in the near future the Western High-Speed Diameter, which provide unhindered access to the city center for private and public transport.

On one side, the block borders Shuvalovsky Park, a favorite recreation spot for city residents, and on another side, the residential block “Torfyanoe” and the “Severnaya Dolina” residential complex.

The good ecology and lack of factories are combined favorably with a highly developed network of retail and shopping and entertainment centers, which provide the region with everything required for comfortable living. The largest retail operators working in the district are MEGA (area of 120,000 sq.m.) and Grand Canyon (area of 75,000 sq.m.).

Available: land plot development plan, technical specifications for connection to electricity and heating networks, basic conditions for planning water supply and sewerage networks, telephone networks.

In March 2011, the AHR began to realize land plots in the village of Pargolovo.
So far, 21.7 hectares of land has been sold for a sum of 1.5 billion rubles. Around 518,000 sq.m. of housing can be built on the sold territory.

It is possible to study detailed information on the auction on the Russian Auction House (RAH) site.