Аукционы по продаже бывших офисов Сбербанка в Москве, лучшее предложение для малого бизнеса

On 8th of August the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) will hold the next bidding for the sale of the former offices of Sberbank in Moscow. The premises are being vacant during a reformatting of office network of Sberbank.
The auction is holding under instructions of LLC Sberbank Capital.
For sale offered 24 non-residential premises on the first floors of residential buildings.
The premises have shop windows, separate entrances from the street and fortunate location – near major transport arteries and subway stations.
The premises area varies from 58 sq. m to 430 sq. m that allows to use them for placing the widest range of enterprises of service, food or trading sector.
The premises are sold as separate lots.
Starting price – from 12,205,000 to 72,831,000 rubles.

The objects geography is wide enough: within the limits the Garden Ring Road (in Tverskoy District), within the Third Transport Ring Road (Danilovskiy, Taganskiy, Mozhayskiy districts), inside the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) (Nagatino-Sadovniki, Levoberezhny, Alekseevskiy, Koptevo, Maryina Roshcha,Zyuzino, Zyablikovo, Savelovskiy, Begovoy, Teply Stan, Khamovniki, Lyublino), outside MKAD (district of Solntsevo and Kosino-Ukhtomskiy).

The most interesting lots:
Premises in Tverskoy District, on Petrovka Street, 17, building 1, in a former tenement building(commercial apartment building) of the Smirnovs, built by the project of architect Gulrich. In the same building the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry is located, and in close proximity – the Council of the Federation, state institutions, objects of retail trade, shopping centers – TsUM (the Central Department Store of Moscow) and Petrovskiy Passage.
The premises area – 94.7 sq. m.
The Object located in the area of heavy pedestrian and car traffic, in walking distance from subway stations – “Trubnaya”, “Chekhovskaya”, “Kuznetskiy Bridge”.

Two premises in the Central Administrative Division of Moscow.
The first, with an area of 132.6 sq. m, in 69, October Street, in walking distance from the “Maryina Roshcha” subway station.
The second, with an area of 132.4 sq. m, on 102, Leningrad Highway, in walking distance from the “Dynamo” subway station.
“All premises offered for sale belong to street retail sector – the most asked-for by the market. All of them are in good condition and don’t need serious investments. Briefly speaking, it is possible to start an own business there. For small businessmen this is a perfect option”, tells Olga Zheludkova, Head of Department for Work with Troubled and Non-Core Assets of Banks of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.

For reference:
AHRF has already for several years cooperate with Sberbank within the framework of the program of conversion of the former Sberbank offices. During the last two years more than 300 saving banks all over the Russia were sold for a total amount of 4 billion rubles.
In Moscow during the last one year and a half (2015 – June 2016) 77 former offices of Sberbank were sold for a total amount of about 1.7 billion rubles. Excess ratio according the results of the auction – 2.7.

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