Blocking share package in Tsentrodostroi sold at AHR auction

Today, at the Moscow office of the AHR, an auction was held for the sale of a 25% share package in Tsentrdorstroi as part of privatization of federal property.

Starting price of lot – 370 million rubles.

4 bidders took part in the auction.
The sale price was 429 million rubles.
The winner of the auction was Lider
(Moscow, 9 Maly Sukharevsky Lane)

Quote: We are satisfied with the results of the auction the increase was almost 60 million rubles. The share package in Tsentrdorstroi is on the list of property from the privatization plan for 2011-2013. In the first quarter of 2014, we will complete sale of shares on an existing contract with the Russian property board, and hope to seal another contract, which according to preliminary data will include around 100 packages of state shares of various enterprises that are on the Forecast plan for privatization of federal property for 2014 2016. We are proud of the work we have done and the trust that was shown to us, and we will apply the experience gained for further effective work to attract investors to the Russian economy,  said Olga Borisova Sokolova, the deputy general director of the AHR.

This company, which was registered in 1956, is one of the leading contractors in Russia for complex construction.

The company specializes in complex construction of vehicle roads, airport runways, underground and above-ground pedestrian passes etc. Additionally, the company reconstructs and designs aircraft parking areas at Domodedovo airport, and is building the 3rd start-up facility of the central ring road of a length of 106 km.

TDS owns 480 units of machinery. Over its entire history, the company has put over 400 objects into operation, around 2,000 km of roads of higher technical categories, 250 bridges and viaducts, 35 objects of industrial and civil construction, including residential buildings and blocks. The company owns a number of affiliated companies – Tsentrdorstroi Astar, BETAS, Beton-Servis, Tsentrdorstroi – 826, Betas TDS, Construction department – 450. And it also has several dependent companies – SU-803 Tsentrdorstroi, SSU Asfalt, Torgovy dom TDS.

Additionally, TDS is a major owner and has a portfolio of buildings, structures, transfer units, land plots and movable property. Tsentrdorstroi has its own Training and Test Center, a department for production preparation, four production bases in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast, 3 stationary and 4 movable cement concrete factories, 3 crushing and screening plants, and 5 asphalt concrete factories.

TSD is responsible for large-scale work for construction and reconstruction of airports in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Additionally, the company has existing contracts with a number of major organizations, such as Russian Vehicle Roads and Domodedovo airport. The total sum of signed contracts is over 16 billion rubles.

The Auction House of the Russian Federation
By decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on 25 October 2010 № 1874-r, the Auction House of the Russian Federation was included on the list of sellers of federal property. In 2013, the company was given the first tranche of share packages owned by the state in companies from various areas of the economy.

At present the AHR has realized 19 share packages, which were included in the Program for privatization of federal property for 2011 2013, including:

Ulyanovsk automobile factory, Sakhalin Shipping, Irtysh Shipping, Kolyma Shipping, Kurgan Airport, Anapa Airport, Lenmetrogiprotrans scientific research planning and surveying institute, Siberian scientific research and planning institute of non-ferrous metallurgy, and Sevenergostroi Trust.

On 20 February 2014, a press briefing was held at the Russian Property Board to summarize the results of realizing the forecast plan of privatization in 2011-2013.

In summing up the results of work on realizing this plan, the deputy head of the Russian property board Ivan Aksyonov noted that “the pilot project with the Auction House of the Russian Federation that was realized for the first time in Russia in 2013 showed that using the capabilities of an independent seller in organizing and carrying out sales considerably increases the effectiveness of privatization deals”.