Class A business center in Krasnodar

The southwest branch of the Auction House of the Russian Federation has put up for sale by public offer a 16-storey building, the Development-Yug business center, together with a land plot in Krasnodar. The lot has been placed on the electronic auction platform of the AHR, lot-online.ru

At present, the building is on deposit with Sberbank of Russia, and the owner, the Development-Yug construction and investment corporation, has received the bank’s agreement for realization.
The object is located in a park zone next to a premium-class residential complex that is under construction, and there is a picturesque view from the windows of the Chistyakovskaya Grove. The building is located 10 minutes from the center of town, the eastern part of which is a zone of intensive development of the business life of Krasnodar.

Address of business center:  Krasnodar, Central district, ul. Moskovskaya, d. 59/1
Area of building – 13 921.8 sq.m.
Area of land plot – 0.12 hectares

The plan for the building was developed together with the Ninth Shanghai planning institute, taking into account trends in planning and construction: monolith frame technology for building, ventilating facades, high quality of finishing and spacious offices. The building has modern telecommunications equipment. There is also an underground car park for 200 cars and an above ground car park for 30 cars.

The object has been placed on the electronic platform Lot-online, and the sale is being made by means of a public offer (with a reduction of the starting price). The starting price of the object is 1.1 billion rubles.

The period of sale is 10 months. During this period the price of the object will gradually drop to its lowest level – 0.5 billion rubles. Purchase offers (bids for the lot) may be submitted from 31.01.13, and the end of the sale period is 29.11.2013.

Maria Konolitskaya, director of the Southwest branch of the Auction House of the Russian Federation: “In our opinion, the object is very attractive for investment – the business center has been operating since 2011, it has a good percentage of occupation by lease holders, transport access, wonderful interiors, and the office have modern equipment. There is probably nothing like it in Krasnodar. This is even confirmed by the fact that the owner of the business center, the largest construction and investment company in the South of Russia, Development-Yug, initially planned to use the center for its own purposes, in other words they made sure it was built to last.”