A business centre of C class near Sokol subway station in Moscow with 45% discount

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) will hold biddings on behalf of the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASV).
For sale offered a property of a liquidated AKB Slavyanskiy Bank – a five-story office building with an area of 5.1 thousand sq. m in 10-minute distance from Sokol subway station.
 Address: 24, building 3, Chasovaya Str., Moscow.
The Object is located in Airport District, in block of buildings, limited by Chasovaya Street, 2nd Ambulatorny and 3rd Baltiyskiy lanes. The building’s façade overlooks 2nd Baykalskiy Lane.
The district has a well-developed transport infrastructure. In close proximity of the Object there is a North-Western chord, connected with Leningrad Avenue. In a distance of 4 km the Third Ring Road is located, and in the distance of 9 km there is Moscow Ring Highway.
The building is in good condition and fully ready for operation.
On the adjacent territory a small parking is available.

The biddings takes place at the ETP AHRF Electronic Trading Platform through a public offer during a period from 30th January until 30th April. During this period the starting price of the Lot is going down step by step.
The biddings started from the mark of 265.6 million rubles.
For today the starting price of the Lot is reduced to 249 million rubles.
From 20th March the price will be reduced to 232.5 million rubles.
MINIMUM price – 149.9 million rubles.

“An investor can profitably use the building for his needs, or as a rental business. Rooms within walking distance of subway are traditionally in greatest demand among tenants, with the additional advantage of the nearby parking availability. Convenient interior layout allows renting out both small rooms and more spacious ones, which are suitable for office and warehouse activities, for example, for an online store. I think the cost of room rent in this BC can be from 900 to 1,500 rubles for square meter”,thinks Olga Zheludkova, Head of Department for Work with Troubled and Non-Core Assets of Banks.