"Bible Russian avant-garde", the first edition of the works of Joseph Brodsky and illustrated fitness course sample 1911 auctioned

April 25 will be held Spring antiquarian auction , organized by the St. Petersburg House of Books and the Russian auction house.
The event will take place at the House of Books, in the atrium of the House of Singer (St. Petersburg, Nevsky pr. 28) at 15.00.

At the auction exhibited 318 items: books on history, finance, law, art, literature, publications for children and books in foreign languages, descriptions of countries and cities, as well as etchings and lithographs. The range of the initial price is also great - from 1000 to 850 000 rubles.

The most expensive lot of the auction - a complete set of magazines "LEF" and "New LEF" (29 issues) previously estimated at 850000-950000 rubles (Lot 241).
These logs, access to 1923-1925 and 1927-1928, edited by Vladimir Mayakovsky, can rightly be called "the bible of Russian avant-garde." "LEF" (Left Front of the Arts) - a creative association, the core of which were former Futurists. The initiative of creating a magazine owned by Mayakovsky: in 1923, he personally delivers a memo to the Central Committee of the RCP (b) to authorize the issue of the publication. Mayakovsky attracted to the creation of the magazine leading representatives of avant-garde art of all genres: literary - Kruchenykh Pasternak, Aseev (published in the magazine and the work of the deceased in 1922 of Velimir Khlebnikov), Babel, Shklovsky; Artists - Rodchenko, Stepanova, Popova, Tatlin; Filmmakers - Eisenstein, Kuleshov, Kozintsev and many others.

Interesting fact: The number 1 for 1924 is missing a few pages. There was a famous article published by Mayakovsky: "Do not trade Lenin." Mayakovsky is not against public vozrazhal vozvelichivaniya Lenina - it vozmuschali cheap and vulgar form of such glorification. On the first page editorial imelas graficheskaya illyustratsiya, vosproizvodivshaya one of the many advertisements that pestrela togdashnyaya pressa:
"Busts VI Lenina plaster, patinirovannye, bronze, mramornye, granitnye in natural and double variables with originala, razreshennogo to reproduce and rasprostraneniyu Commission on perpetuating memory is VI Lenin by sculptor SD Merkulov. "
Dalee followed vyrazitelny PURPORT Mayakovskogo: "We are against it .... We nastaivaem: - Do not ... Do not shtampuyte Lenina sozdavayte kulta named Human Being, who fought all his life against all kultov.Ne Trade predmetami this kulta.Ne Trade Lenin! "
Some time after napechataniya tirazha the spring of 1924, redaktsionnaya statya, apparently, was unusable for public sochtena rasprostraneniya and izyata of nerasprodannyh zhurnala copies. Odnako zagolovok stati sohranilsya in oglavlenii. And the only surviving copy of a printed article is kept in the Library of Lenina in Moscow.

Covers and much of the magazine illustrations created by Alexander Rodchenko - one of the founders of constructivism, the ancestor of design and advertising in the USSR. As a photographer Rodchenko became famous thanks to experiments with perspective and points of photography and photomontage to illustrate books.
All the progressive forces of the Soviet art 20s were involved in the creation of "LEFov." The best works of poetry and prose, photography, painting and graphic art, industrial design, advertising art - all collected in the pages of the precious logs nearly a century ago.
"LEF" influenced the formation and development of not only Soviet, but also the world of photography, cinematography, design creativity, design and art of photomontage and advertising of the XX century.
Separate issues of magazines often appear on the second-hand market, but the complete set of the two publications is rare and can become a pearl, both private and the museum's collection of avant-garde art.

No less interesting is the lot 270 - a modest edition of the works of Joseph Brodsky. Released in 1965, the collection "Verses and Poems" is the first book published by the future Nobel Prize winner (estimated 40000-50000 rubles).
The great Russian poet was still in exile in the Arkhangelsk region on charges of parasitism, when New York came from the press of his very first book.
It is noteworthy that in this anniversary year, after 16 years of ordeal, in our city finally due to open a museum in the house Brodsky Muruzi on Foundry Avenue. This momentous event is scheduled for May 24 - the birthday of the poet. On this day, Joseph Brodsky would have turned 75 years old.

With another commemorative date of May - the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory - indirectly linked Lot 101- magazine "Around the World" - the magazine of geography, science, inventions and observations, published in 1866. The fact is that on the flyleaf of the book there is an inscription: "Purchased in the summer of 1942 during the siege of Leningrad, 15 p." For comparison, state the price of bread up to January 1942 amounted to 1 USD. 70 kopecks. 1 kg.
Remarkable is the fact that in a city that for almost a year was in the ring of the blockade, a man decides to spend money on an old book about the life of distant continents.

Considering the modern fashion for a healthy lifestyle, a rare exhibition looks topically 180 - IP Mueller "My system for the ladies. A natural way to health promotion and preservation of beauty " (estimate of 1,500-2,000 rubles).

The publication in the genre so popular today, a fitness guide was published in 1911. "Ignore your bodily well-being of impunity no one can. And nature is terrible revenge for all the contemptuous attitude towards it "- emphasized Müller. It should be noted that in this respect over the past 100 years, nothing has changed. However, the fitness model demonstrating the exercises in the book in a very daring for 1911 leotards, by modern standards, modestly overweight as well, and the Venus de Milo, whose statue graces the cover of the book.
The publication is richly illustrated and contains informative sections such as "reasonable underwear", "The ideal of feminine beauty and corset", "How to make thin thighs?" And many others. To achieve ideal settings author advises ladies to make "Swing feet", "lifting body", "whirling arms and legs," as well as "pull-in and inflate the abdomen." This information can be useful and modern beauties.

Another interesting lot (lot 49, estimate 15000-17000 rubles), at first glance, completely harmless and allegiance - "Complete collection of speeches of Emperor Nicholas II. 1894-1906 " . Released in 1906, in a situation of extreme political tension, a period marked by the first Russian revolution, the publication was intended to talk about "the spiritual image carrier mighty power." In the preface says, "coming from the mouth of a monarch living word spreads throughout the Russian land", shows "the power of his creative spirit," keeping watch over the fatherland.
At the same time, just to get out of print collection was removed from free circulation by the authorities.
The reason is that the content of the collection is extremely pathetic contrasts with a preface. Speech Emperor largely represent toasts brief greetings, greetings, associated with any more or less small matter: the promotion of officers, military reviews, deputations and receptions, etc. Many of them begin or end with the words: "I drink to the health of ...", "I drink to the prosperity ...", "I drink to prosperity." It was hard to think of a more innocent version of sedition during the revolution. It is safe to assume that collectors deliberately allowed such sedition. "Precious Pearl eloquent orator sovereign", collected with incredible meticulousness through the pages of the official publications, speak for themselves. However, the diversion was quickly discovered, and almost the entire edition of the collection was destroyed, with the result that represented, at first glance, an ordinary edition is now uncommon.

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