Bidding on federal privatization For sale offered a 100% block of shares of the largest helicopter company in the North-West – OJSC “The 2nd Arkhangelsk United Air Squadron”

Date of the auction – 5 June.
Bidding Organizer – the Auction House of the Russian Federation (OJSC AHRF).
Starting price – 1.114 billion rubles.

The object is included in the Prognostic Program of Privatization for 2014–2016.

The squadron carries out domestic and international passenger and freight transportation, aerial surveys, forest aerial works, construction, installation and handling operations and so on.
The company operates on the territory of Russia (in the North-West region, the Nenets Autonomous Area, Komi Republic, West Siberia and the Arctic) and abroad (Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries). There are existing contracts with state institutions of Arkhangelsk region.

“It is worth noting that the Archangelsk squadron has never been put up for auction.
We hope that our successful experience in the sale of federal blocks of shares in airports will help us to find investors for this asset. Last year the shares of airports “Kurgan” and “Anapa” were sold with an excess of the starting price, the latter was sold with 2.2 times exceeding of the starting cost!
The objects of transport infrastructure are still in demand in the crisis market. Many potential investors are ready to invest in the development of these assets. For them it is a great opportunity to expand the geography and the area of influence of their business” (Olga Sokolova, Deputy General Director of RAD for Privatization).

The company is located at the Vaskovo airport in Primorsky district of Arkhangelsk region, 12 km from Arkhangelsk.
Currently the helicopter fleet of OJSC “The 2nd Arkhangelsk United Air Squadron” equipped with Ми-8Т, Ми-8МТВ and Ми-26Т, and aircraft fleet – with Ан-2 and Л-410УВП-Э.
In 2014 the squadron carries out transportation of more than 15 thousand passengers.
By the end of the last year the staff of the company consists of 643 specialists.

For reference:
The Auction House of the Russian Federation included in the list of federal property sellers by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 25 October, 2010 № 1874-p. In 2013 the first tranche of state-owned blocks of shares of enterprises in various sectors of the economy were transferred to the company for sale.
To date the total amount of transactions of RAD in the given field is 2.8 billion rubles.
Currently for sale are being prepared about 200 federal blocks of shares of companies included in the Prognostic Program of Privatization for 2014–2016.
The sale of these assets will significantly replenish the state treasury during the period of investment instability.
RAD has considerable experience of selling the state, federal and regional property. Within the framework of the privatization the company is cooperating with the federal government, the governments of the Moscow region, Kazan, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area–Yugra. The total amount of RAD transactions with state property (taking into account the federal and regional state-owned assets) is 44.4 billion rubles.

For detailed information about the object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (RAD)