The first auction for federal privatization in 2015 is announced For sale offered a blocking share holding of the Amur Shipping Company

On 30 January, 2015 the Auction House of the Russian Federation (RAD) has appointed an auction for the sale of 25.5% of shares of OJSC the Amur Shipping Company.
Starting price of the shares – 179 million rubles.

The main activities of the company – sea and river transportation of general, timber, bulk, oil cargo and handling operations. In addition, the company is engaged in shipbuilding and ship repair.

To date the company's market share within the boundaries of the Khabarovsk Krai by cargo and passenger transportation and port services is more than 65%.

Subsidiaries of the company are trading ports Blagoveshchensk and Poyarkovo, Nikolaevsk Port Handling Terminal on the basis of CJSC Nikolaevsk Repair and Operating Facilities of the Fleet, ship repair company CJSC Repair and Operating Facilities of the Fleet, CJSC Amur Passenger Transportation.

The company's fleet consists of 220 sea and river vessels. Among them are 19 marine dry cargo ship, 27 passenger ships, 8 floating cranes, as well as ships of mixed “river-sea” type, tankers and heavy trains. In 2012 in the modernization of the fleet was invested 160 million rubles.
In addition, the property of the shipping company are land plots with total area of 2.3 he and the objects of immovable property of warehouse and administrative purposes.

For reference:
The Amur Shipping Company is a leader in the Russian Far East by the volume of freight and passenger transportation. The company carries passengers between 58 settlements and marginal points on the Amur, carries out transportation through the territory of Russia, as well as to Japan, South Korea, North Korea and China.